10 things to know before starting to lose weight

10 things to know before starting to lose weight

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But they can be avoided if you familiarize yourself in advance with the rules that experts in healthy nutrition suggest. What are they, knows Joinfo.ua.

Do not starve yourself

Fat should be lost so that muscle mass is maintained. Only in this case will your figure take on the correct forms. It is recommended to use less calories than you burn. Reduce their number by 500-800. This is the optimal amount for those who are puzzled by the question of getting rid of extra pounds. Reducing calories to a dangerously low level will result in loss of muscle mass. Use the calculator to find the right starting point.

Be careful with cardio

Together with the diet, such activity will accelerate fat burning. However, against the background of a decrease in the number of calories consumed, cardiovascular exercises will give additional loads on the cardiovascular system. You will feel tired and exhausted. Before you sign up for the gym, talk to your doctor. Perhaps such exercises are contraindicated to you. If there is no threat to health, then limit yourself to three half-hour sessions per week.

Do weightlifting

Weight lifting is a great way to increase fat loss! The fact that these exercises are necessary solely for building muscle is misleading. But zealous, again not worth it. It is necessary to train in this way in moderation, so as not to harm your well-being.

For best results, choose popular barbell exercises. They use almost all the muscles in your body and burn fat well.

Control carbohydrate intake

Low level of carbohydrates is not the main condition for all without exception. However, for most people, reducing their use is beneficial. In the menu it is better to introduce more protein and fat. Depriving yourself of carbohydrates completely and completely, you can lose muscle mass and vitality. It is recommended to use products containing these substances before workouts, which will allow to achieve better results.

Do not expect instant effect

Impatience in the case of losing weight can lead to undesirable consequences. Stretch this process for at least three months. Hurry events are not worth it, otherwise your health will be shaken. In this case, you no longer want to lose weight further. Your only thought will be aimed at improving well-being.

Eat grapefruit before bedtime

This is one of the main rules. This fruit helps to speed up the metabolic process, which was confirmed by scientists and nutritionists. Therefore, make it a rule to eat one grapefruit in the evenings.

Don't be afraid of hunger

If you are on a diet, you will sometimes feel hungry. This is normal. The feeling of satiety, as you know, indicates an excess of calories in your body, which, in turn, slows down the metabolism.

But hunger should always be moderate, so that you do not want to snack between main meals. Otherwise, lose weight will not work.

Train without fanaticism

Strengthened training is a double-edged sword. Yes, they help to maintain muscle mass during the diet, but in excessive quantities will not lead to anything good. Check with your trainer about what exercises to perform. It is recommended to visit the gym no more than three times a week.

Rest more

Diet worsens the quality of rest, as it does not learn to fall asleep on an empty stomach. However, try to sleep at least eight hours a day. Use herbal infusions that normalize sleep, during which the body also processes fat burning.

If you are not able to rest for the required amount of time, eat melatonin. It does not hurt and light evening snack in the form of oatmeal or vegetables.

Drink Healthy Drinks

Some drinks contribute to fat loss. Coffee speeds up metabolism, energizes. Green tea also contributes to weight loss. In addition, it contains antioxidants. Do not forget about the correct drinking regime.

To lose weight effectively, follow the rules recommended by nutritionists. In this case, the effect does not take long.

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