18 everyday habits that spoil your image and appearance

18 everyday habits that spoil your image and appearance

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18 everyday habits that spoil your image and appearance

06/19/2019 | 07:31 | Joinfo.ua

Many people follow special habits, which, although imperceptibly, but gradually spoil both their appearance and image, and health. And without abandoning these habits, the situation cannot be corrected.

But many of them are so simple and understandable that it is very difficult to refuse them. Fortunately, with normal motivation, even this becomes possible. Therefore, Joinfo.ua will talk about what habits spoil people’s life the most.

Habits that spoil the image and appearance

Do not drink the proper amount of water. Dehydration is dangerous to health and worsens the skin condition. Therefore, you need to drink water not only in a normal amount, but also regularly.

There is not enough. Yes, calorie deficiency helps to lose weight, but too hard diets deprive the body of the necessary amount of nutrients.

Drink sugar. But it should be limited. And remember that sugar is contained in many seemingly not sweet foods.

Sleep in make-up. From this, the skin ages faster and becomes more wrinkled because it cannot breathe normally.

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Dirty pillow covers. They actively collect grease and dirt from hair and skin, so if they are not washed regularly, problems can begin.

Squint. Too much tension in the mimic muscles causes wrinkles to form around the eyes.

Hot shower. Dries skin and hair. It is especially dangerous in winter, when temperature drops are also observed when going outside.

Frequent cleaning procedures. The skin simply does not have time to restore the natural protection, therefore it is seriously damaged by too frequent cleaning.

Slouch. The load on the spine is distributed incorrectly, so the posture begins to deteriorate.

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Too much coffee and alcohol. These fluids are not taken into account in the amount of water consumed, because they contain substances that contribute to additional dehydration. And not only him.

Drink through a straw. This time, the facial muscles tighten around the mouth. And wrinkles appear already there.

Keep the phone in person when talking. And forget about the bacteria and dirt that you put on your screen every day with your fingers. And it is better for them not to contact with sensitive skin.

Temperature effect on the hair. Twist the curls, straighten the curls, and the structure of the hair from this seriously deteriorates. Even the use of a hot hair dryer is not recommended.

Excess stress. Stress always negatively affects the body. Especially if it is a long state without interruptions.

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Frequent washing hair. If without the use of shampoo, then all right. And if with him, then the situation is the same as with too frequent cleaning of the skin.

Inadequate hydration. Many, for example, forget to moisturize the skin after a shower. And then it is especially vulnerable to any impacts.

Forget about the skin of the neck when caring for the skin of the face. In terms of its structure and sensitivity, it is closer to the face than to the body, so it is better to carry out comprehensive care every time.

Not enough sleep. This affects stress, and collagen production, and mood, and much more.

Attempts to introduce too many good habits. Alas, our body can simultaneously work only a maximum of two. Therefore, useful changes should be introduced gradually.

We also believe that it would be helpful for you to learn about what good habits can seriously improve your health. And with her – and beauty.

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