A new way of lip augmentation was ridiculed on the Web: what are girls going for the dubious beauty

A new way of lip augmentation was ridiculed on the Web: what are girls going for the dubious beauty

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Social networks help girls share lifehacks to take care of themselves. The desire to have full lips pushed some beauties to decisive steps, according to Joinfo.ua. For those whom nature did not reward with the desired size of the mouth, they came up with a new way to enlarge them with ordinary glue.

Instead of expensive fillers – glue

It is this household product that is held in high esteem by women. They stick eyelashes and even nails. However, one of the users of the social network came up with a much more effective use, showing how to glue lips to make them seem larger.

More and more photos and videos appear on the Web in which girls apply a thin strip of glue to the area just below the nose and simply pull their upper lip to it. Thus gluing it. Of course, at first this procedure really produces a “wow” effect. The upper lip seems to be inflated and becomes larger.

However, this method raises many questions. Some Internet users call such actions “sad” and ask how it all looks from the outside. No less than those who, on the contrary, are touched by a new trend. There are followers with a completely rational approach, who are considering whether the lip will come off during eating.

It is worth noting that this method is much cheaper than expensive fillers and beauty injections that women resort to. Yes, and less painful. Now everyone can become like celebrities with full lips, for example, Kylie Jenner. And the answer to the question of whether such a fleeting beauty of the effort spent and, apparently, discomfort, is everyone's personal business. After all, few will like to sit and worry whether the "magnificent" lip has come unstuck.

Although the power of makeup has long been recognized not only by girls, but also by the stronger sex. A few strokes of makeup can change a person beyond recognition.

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