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Hello everyone, my name is Ann D. Castro.

I want to tell about the blog in the format of the story, it will better help to reflect the essence of the project and plans for its development.

Initially, in my blog, I planned to share only my personal experience of earning on the Internet. But almost a year later, after creation, when I felt that I had nothing to tell about, I made a decision: to expand and write about everything related to money.

Along with this decision, a new goal has emerged, which today can even be called a “dream”: to become the number one site in this category, having reached 25,000 unique visitors per day.

From this point on, this site became difficult to call a blog, since 90% of publications were not written by me, but by copywriters. Although all the articles so far I am editing and publishing in person.

On the one hand, such a move almost instantly raised the growth of attendance. After a year and a half since its inception, attendance has grown to 2,000, and after another 3 months to 2,500.
On the other hand, the sociality of the project has slipped to zero, because, constantly publishing articles to attract traffic from search engines, time is lost on writing epic material.
Well, for me the question of sociality is a matter of time. Now I think this: first, to increase attendance to 8-10 thousand, and only then begin to act much more actively in this direction.

In general, at this stage, the blog history ends. Come back in a year, maybe I will update this article.