Beauty Secrets: myths about pores in which you can no longer believe

Beauty Secrets: myths about pores in which you can no longer believe

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Beauty Secrets: myths about pores in which you can no longer believe

07/05/2019 | 18:31 |

Skin with wide pores looks unattractive. Therefore, women are looking for methods and means to solve this problem. There are quite a few articles and notes on the World Wide Web on this subject, but not all of them reflect the real picture. Therefore, in the care of the skin mistakes are made.

The fact is that there are quite a few myths about pores: they provoke women to make mistakes. What information is better not to trust, knows

Pores can open and close

Even if you use all sorts of masks and scrubs to open the pores and give the skin a breath, the efforts may not meet your expectations. Beauticians say that pores cannot open or close.

It's all about sebum. It has a decisive impact on the state of the pores. The output can increase or decrease depending on how you take care of the skin and what means you use for this. Therefore, cosmetics should be selected carefully and used without fanaticism.

External conditions affect the pore state.

With this statement you can not argue. In the atmosphere of large industrial cities contain harmful impurities that pollute the skin. Special products such as lotions, scrubs and micellar water will help get rid of them. But much more influenced by genetics and hormones. To determine the reason why your skin is not perfect, an experienced beautician will help.

Pores are black dots

Almost all women are sure of this. In fact, black dots appear from the fact that sebum comes into contact with air and is oxidized. These small specks in most cases are acne, but not pores. And they appear from improper care, unhealthy food and lack of rest.

People with dry skin have no problems with wide pores.

There is an opinion that only owners of oily and combination skin are familiar with this problem. But this is not true. People with dry skin no less often encounter such troubles. As we have said, genetics and hormones play an important role. The expansion of the pores and cause ultraviolet rays.

Cosmetics tighten pores

Some cosmetics, such as make-up foundation and foundation, mask the problematic pores, and this is true. But they are not able to "close" them. There are some products that contain harmful ingredients that cause irritation and the appearance of acne. Therefore, it is recommended to buy such cosmetics that contain natural ingredients.

From the wide pores saves the sun

Someone uninformed once thought that the sun eliminates excess fat secreted by the skin. The reality is this: Excessive exposure to open rays damages the skin, which also affects the pores. Use sunscreen daily if you want your skin to become healthy and smooth.

Skin needs to be cleaned often.

Facial cleansing products can cause irritation. Do not use them more than twice a week, especially if your skin is prone to acne. In case you need to eliminate the peeling or other problem that is not associated with inflammation, you can clean it daily for several days.

Hardware cleaning gives better results.

The development of modern technologies has led to the emergence in the field of cosmetology of various devices designed to clean the skin. They eliminate the excess fat, but at the same time, often increase its production, and, moreover, provoke inflammatory processes. Therefore, it is better not to risk it.

With face masks you can narrow pores.

If you use face masks and special patches to remove black spots, this does not mean that the result will be positive. Pore ​​size is determined by genetics and other individual characteristics, and they cannot be changed by cosmetics. Of course, you can use all these products, but the result from them will be short-lived.

To make your skin beautiful and free of defects, contact the specialists in the field of cosmetology. They will surely find the most suitable way of care for you!

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