Bright summer manicure: photos of fashionable patterns and shades

Bright summer manicure: photos of fashionable patterns and shades

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Bright summer manicure: photos of fashionable patterns and shades

06/25/2019 | 23:28 |

The hot season has prepared a lot of interesting things for lovers of everything unusual and original. A variety of options and color combinations of summer manicure is amazing!


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Well-groomed nails with an interesting design are a necessary attribute of a hot season. And how many of the most daring fantasies can be realized during the holidays, it is impossible to even imagine. picked up the most interesting and beautiful summer manicure options.


The versatility of shades, the intricacy of weaves, severity and conciseness – for everything there is a place in the summer manicure. Naturally, the most acid and bold shades come to the fore. Designers recommend taking inspiration from nature. Butterflies, bugs, birds, even vegetables, berries and fruits are a witty and attractive manicure. It allows you to recreate entire plots and paintings on the nails, which cannot but attract the attention of others.

For more modest and calm natures, flowers and delicate branches of trees are perfect.

Sea current

Naturally, no summer can do without a manicure in the most inconceivable shades of the water surface. Turquoise, blue, deep blue – practical and convenient. It is very easy to combine with other colors and allows you to balance the saturation of the manicure on your own – where to add colors, and where to muffle.

You can diversify the usual motifs of all kinds of marine life and interesting elements. Shells, starfishes, algae and corals, fish of various colors and sizes will be a bright accent and emphasize the playfulness of the summer season.

Ethnic motifs

The original option for active travelers. How else can you stand out in a crowd of tourists, if you don’t apply the inherent color and certain features of the country to the nails? Various graphic elements, ornaments and even fragments of sights are an unusual and attractive way of expression.


The most optimal – something between the claws and very short nails. Of course, in this regard you need to focus on the nearest plans.

If you have to work and follow certain rules, it is better to prefer muted, but rich shades. And on vacation you do not need to limit the imagination. Any desire must be realized!

Anyway, manicure should be done according to your preferences. What you like will look harmonious and consistent with the inner world. Therefore, do not limit yourself. Summer is the right time for the most unexpected experiments!

Photo: Instagram @ top_ndi, @ july_kachurovskaya, @ panigladko___, @ natasha.zubrilina78_nails, @ cheezoida_nails

Main photo: Instagram @ klub__nikaa

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