Cleopatra's diet: what foods made up the queen's main menu

Cleopatra's diet: what foods made up the queen's main menu

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Cleopatra's diet: what foods made up the queen's main menu

09/09/2019 | 13:56 |

Cleopatra's name is still associated with beauty and femininity. Historians claim that she performed such cosmetic procedures that allowed her to remain youthful. Even contemporaries are adopting the techniques of the royal person.

The fact that Cleopatra bathed in milk is known to everyone. But few people know that she adhered to a special diet. There were no “random” products on her desk. She ate only that which allowed her to maintain harmony. What products were included in the menu of the Egyptian Queen, will tell.


And do not be surprised! This drink was especially popular with the ancient Egyptians. It was imported from other states especially for the royal family. But the poor in those days could afford such a pleasure. It is interesting that beer paid for the work with the builders of the pyramids, and did it three times a day. The drink, which in those days had practically no degrees, was offered to the gods and given to children. And it was mainly women who brewed it, so the taste of beer, according to historians, was soft and rich.


One of the main products, in addition to beer, among the ancient Egyptians was bread. They also had a snack. At each meal, they consumed different types of bread. It was prepared from a variety of grains, but least of all – from barley, since barley was used, you guessed it, to make beer. That is why such baking had a negative impact on dental health, and this problem was known to representatives of all classes. Amenhotep the Third also suffered from it.

According to studies, there were so many varieties of bread in Egypt that it’s hard to list them all. On the tables of the nobility appeared not only such products, but also cookies and cakes.


As scientists found out, figs were also one of the main products in Cleopatra's menu. Plutarch claimed that these fruits are connected with the death of the queen: poisonous snakes were hidden in a basket with them, the bite of which sent Cleopatra to the next world.

Modern cosmetologists say that a diet rich in figs helps to improve the condition of the skin and hair. The fruit contains substances that prevent the development of skin diseases, the appearance of premature wrinkles and normalize blood pressure.


In ancient Egypt, they were the most popular dessert. Cleopatra understood well that nuts are not only tasty, but also good for health, so she included them in her diet. Recent studies at Harvard have confirmed that regular consumption of nuts prevents the risk of heart disease.

Nuts are rich in antioxidants that improve the appearance and health of the skin by moisturizing it. These components have a beneficial effect on the quality of hair and nails. Nuts are recommended to be used in the hot season, as they can also protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.


This product was considered superfood in ancient times, only the Egyptians did not know such a word. Their favorite dessert is figs and nuts coated with honey. Honey, which was associated with the cult of eternal life and youth, was often added to wine and various types of bread. Cleopatra was also immersed in a bath with milk and honey, as she knew that such procedures would preserve her youth.

Moreover, the Egyptians have used honey for centuries and made ointments from it to treat skin and eye diseases. It has also been used to heal wounds. The superfood was too expensive for the peasants, so it was used exclusively by representatives of the nobility. Archaeologists digging ancient tombs often find vessels with honey there. And, most striking: the product that has been resting for millennia has retained its nutritional value and remained usable!


Cleopatra probably ate grapes and drank wine made from it. This product is known for its ability to fight free radicals, leading to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

A diet rich in grapes prolongs youth and elasticity of the skin, makes the organs function correctly. It is no coincidence that cigar seed oil is an ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams. These berries protect against diabetes and oncology, relieve allergy symptoms, and support normal intestinal motility.


In ancient Egypt, this giant berry was grown. Since 2000 BC, residents of the state were saved with the help of a watermelon from the heat, using it as a dessert. This product is useful for preserving beauty and youth.

Watermelon contains substances that are a natural factor in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. They moisturize the skin and can be used as a natural remedy for acne and sunburn. Not surprisingly, Cleopatra always had watermelons on her desk.

In addition, watermelons contribute to weight loss, relieve stress, strengthen the immune system and improve sleep quality. At the same time, there are very few calories in them.


He was very fond of the quarterers in ancient Egypt. This fruit has many uses. It was believed that pomegranate juice fights against parasites, it was also used to produce red paint.

Pomegranate in ancient Egypt was considered a sacred fruit. On the tombs often find his image. And in our time, experts are confident that pomegranates improve the health of the skin, giving it a beautiful shade and eliminating early wrinkles.

Milk and cheese

The ancient Egyptians milked cows and goats and included milk in their daily diet. Egypt is a hot country, so milk turned sour there quickly, which is why the Egyptians learned to store this product in the form of yogurt or turned it into cheese.

Cleopatra not only bathed in milk, but also willingly ate all its derivatives. Cheese is rich in nutrients, calcium, vitamin D, protein and other beneficial ingredients. This product helps maintain the health of not only skin, nails and hair, but also bones. It also helps to normalize blood pressure.


Ordinary inhabitants of ancient Egypt did not eat a lot of meat, but Cleopatra’s table always had beef, lamb, ducks and geese. But the reigning persons excluded pork, since they considered the pig an animal disgusting.

Surprisingly, meat was eaten raw or dried in the sun in salt. It was also prepared in marinades and various preservatives.

A fish

Fish was the most consumed product in ancient Egypt. Despite the fact that most of its varieties were considered a dirty product, salted fish often appeared on Cleopatra's table, which was available exclusively to wealthy individuals.

It is known that this product belongs to the category of the most useful. It contains substances that prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease and relieve stress and depression. Fish brings great benefits to the health of the skin and hair, which Cleopatra was well aware of.

As you can see, the menu of the Egyptian queen was not much different from the usual way of eating. If you want to extend the beauty and youth, as well as make the figure slimmer, take the example from Cleopatra.

Photo source: pixabay

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