Fashionable mistakes: what not to do with the eyebrows so as not to spoil them

Fashionable mistakes: what not to do with the eyebrows so as not to spoil them

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Fashionable mistakes: what not to do with the eyebrows so as not to spoil them

07/03/2019 | 15:08 |

Going to a beauty salon takes time and money, so some of the fair sex clean up themselves. In recent years, there has been a tendency to pay particular attention to eyebrows, and caring for them requires skill.

Spoiling the shape and structure of the eyebrows is easier than it seems. Several careless movements will lead to the fact that no beautician can not correct the situation. How to do no harm, explains

Do not follow the fashion blindly

The way the eyebrows should look like is dictated to us by models from the covers of glossy magazines and makeup artists. New trends and rules appear every year, and to stay in trend, women and girls practice it all on themselves. Every day they pull out excess hair, tint, comb. But you must admit that what is fashionable does not always go exactly to you. Eyebrows, like a Hollywood star, are good, so she did them like that. And you make yourself those with whom you will become irresistible.

Eyebrow care errors

Using tweezers at home

This tool works well only in the hands of a professional. Self-correction can lead to the fact that your eyebrows will turn into curved lines, and as such will remain for many years. Today in the fashion of naturalness, and the inept plucking completely deprive her of your face. To maintain the shape and beauty of the eyebrows, it is enough to visit the master once a month.

Use scissors

It would seem: to use scissors less traumatic than tweezers. But the danger still exists, and it is not only that you can get hurt by the sharp edges of this tool. The cut at the end of the hairs leads to their thickening and active growth in the wrong direction. If you do not want to get eyebrows, like Brezhnev, then forget about using scissors.

Wrong makeup

A layer of eyebrow care products, such as fudge or wax, will temporarily give them a beautiful and desired shape. But the constant use of such products inhibits the growth and development of new bulbs. If you want your eyebrows to be thick, use special shadows that do not weigh down the hairs.

Strict symmetry

Girls and women spend a lot of time to draw perfectly smooth eyebrows. Experts say that this is not necessary. From the point of view of symmetry, a person’s face is far from perfect, so work on a template will not give it natural beauty. It is necessary to draw lines harmoniously.

Eyebrows should decorate, and not to indicate that you follow the fashion. Prefer your ideal form, rather than what the stylists dictate, and be unique.

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