Gentle heels: 10 simple ways to bring the skin of the foot in order

Gentle heels: 10 simple ways to bring the skin of the foot in order

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Gentle heels: 10 simple ways to bring the skin of the foot in order

11.06.2019 | 07:31 |

To make their legs beautiful and well-groomed, women rush to salons. However, after the procedures performed by the pedicure master, the unfavorable situation is often exacerbated: the heels become even rougher. Why is this happening and how to bring the skin of the foot in order?

The fact is that experts do not recommend cutting it with the help of machines and other pedicure tools. The skin will build up again and harden even more. It is recommended to peel the heels using pumice. About what other tools and methods are more effective, tell

Laundry soap

Lather them the skin of the feet at night, and the top zamatyvayut cellophane bags. To enhance the effect, you can wear socks. In the morning of the foot should be thoroughly washed and treated with a special cream. It is recommended to do this procedure for three days with a break of four days until the coarsened skin does not come off. For prophylaxis once a week will be enough.

Baking soda

This tool is considered to be the first assistant in the household. It is also used for cosmetic purposes. Add in three liters of hot water a hundred grams of soda. Allow the solution to cool slightly, and then dip the feet into it. Take a bath for 20 minutes. After it, grease the feet with foot cream.

Acetic Essence

From it prepare miracle ointment. Mix the 70 percent essence with vegetable oil in a 1: 1 ratio and apply on your feet, put on the socks. With this “mask” go to bed, and in the morning – wash off. The tool is perfectly stored at room temperature, so it can be harvested in several stages.

Lactic acid

This is a good alternative to vinegar essence. If the skin on your heels is too coarse, the acid concentration should exceed 40 percent. It does not need to be mixed with other ingredients. To tidy the heels, it is enough to lubricate them with lactic acid with a cotton pad at any time of the day.

Teymurov Pasta

What is it for – is known to all. But you can apply it in an unconventional way. It is necessary to lubricate the heels, not sparing the paste, so that a thick layer of this product appears on the coarsened skin. It is better to do such compresses for the night, putting on socks, and in the morning – to wash off with water and soap.

Depilatory cream

Apply it on the heels and put on socks. Sleeping with a cream is not necessary: ​​20 minutes is enough to make the skin softer. After the heel procedure, peel off the pumice stone or a special scraper.

Vegetable oil

This method is completely traumatic. Perform wraps using any oil. You can give preference to cosmetic oils, only in this case, financial investments will be higher. Before applying the oil is recommended to heat the steam bath. After smearing the feet, wrap them with a wrap and wear socks. In the morning peel the rough skin with pumice.

Aloe pulp

It possesses not only healing, but also softening properties. Cut the leaf of this plant, scrape the pulp off of it, and place it on the heels. Top – film and socks. Leave a compress for the night.


This fruit is great for dry heels and elbows. Cut slices from lemon, attach to heels, wrap with polyethylene, put on socks and – sleep. Use pumice and cream in the morning.

Solving the problem of rough heels is not as difficult as it seems. To do this you need a little time and effort. Practice shows that beauty salons are sometimes powerless compared to these simple, affordable and natural products.

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