Haircuts for long hair: top 15 hairstyle ideas that will make the image irresistible

Haircuts for long hair: top 15 hairstyle ideas that will make the image irresistible

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Haircuts for long hair: top 15 hairstyle ideas that will make the image irresistible

06/14/2019 | 13:32 |

Long, straight hair is a coupon for feminine beauty, especially if the curls are healthy, well-groomed, trimmed and laid out correctly. The abundance of different stylish hairstyles is impressive. We offer you a selection of the most stylish haircuts.


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Modern haircuts for long hair look careless and can hide some flaws in appearance, making girls irresistible. But do not forget that it is necessary not only to make a beautiful and stylish haircut, but also to properly care for it, so that the curls look healthy and shining, says

Stylish haircuts for long hair

Long hair always looks very beautiful and allows ladies to create elegant and feminine images. Make a hairstyle more interesting can help bangs. This may be a long ragged bangs, and short with smooth edges. If you choose the right type of appearance and facial features, it will help make the image spectacular.

Graduated haircuts will help transform and visually increase the volume of hair. Different length of curls and a smooth transition look unusual and stylish. A curly hair owners such haircut will help make them obedient.

Recently, haircuts with shaved temples or the back of the head are considered fashionable. Not every girl decides on such an experiment, but they look very unusual and stylish. Many famous women have already tried such haircuts and set an example for fans to follow. Therefore, if you are bored with classic haircuts, take a closer look at the options with a shaved temple or back of the head.

The most universal haircut that suits almost all women is the elongated bob-caret. Older girls and young ladies can make this hairstyle. It refreshes the image and looks modern and stylish. You can choose a classic version of this haircut, as well as an asymmetric bob, graduation or torn strands.

Asymmetric haircuts for long hair will help to give volume to thin hair and make the image stylish. They can be supplemented with bangs or shaved temple. This hairstyle will not remain without attention of others.

If you decide to change your hairstyle, then do not be afraid to experiment. The main thing – to choose the right haircut, given the shape of your face.

We think you will also be interested to learn about fashion haircuts of the summer of 2019. We have collected a few examples of hairstyles for different hair lengths.

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