Healthy and beautiful nails: easy ways to deal with brittleness

Healthy and beautiful nails: easy ways to deal with brittleness

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Every woman dreams of beautiful and long nails. After all, manicure is an important part of the everyday and festive look. But do you know how to maintain the health of the nail plate and protect its fragility? will answer this important question.

5 ways to deal with brittle nails

Stop biting your nails

The more a person bites his nails, the more uneven they will grow. This bad habit will make the nail plate weak and prone to brittleness. Moreover, it is completely not hygienic.

Massage nails

Good blood circulation protects our skin and makes it more beautiful. The same goes for nails. It is important to massage them with cream or lotion before bedtime. This will increase blood circulation and, therefore, nails will grow faster and become healthier.

Do not apply too often

Nail polish is a serious risk factor for nail health. The desire to always be in the trend makes us regularly cover the nail plates with different colors, but the chemicals in the varnishes weaken them. It is good to apply varnish as rarely as possible, and if necessary, use a base.

Correct form

Give the nails an oval or rectangular shape. With the right shape, the nail plates will become strong and will grow quickly.


Sometimes fragility of nails is caused by a lack of vitamins in the body. Therefore, you should seek help from a specialist who will prescribe a course of treatment.


In order to make the nail plates stronger and prevent their fragility, useful baths should be regularly made. To do this, you need to dissolve sea or iodized salt in warm water and just hold your fingers in this mixture for 10-15 minutes.

Nail file

Always carry a nail file with you so that with the slightest damage to your nail you can immediately deal with this problem and prevent further brittleness.

We think you will also be interested to learn about how to choose high-quality nail beauty products. Specialists in this field recommend basic care at least once a week.

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