Healthy weight loss – reasons to ignore diets and starvation

Healthy weight loss – reasons to ignore diets and starvation

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Healthy weight loss – reasons to ignore diets and starvation

07/11/2019 | 15:22 |

It is difficult to find a woman who would be pleased with his figure. According to statistics, 80 percent of the fair sex begin to try different diets by the age of 20. Men, by the way, are no exception, but there are fewer people who want to lose weight among them.

If you are going to go on a diet, initially read the recommendations of nutritionists, so as not to harm your body. For example, rapid weight loss is extremely dangerous. On healthy weight loss tell

Why fast weight loss is dangerous to health?

Recently, various express diets have become popular. This is, of course, wonderful, in a couple of months to throw off a couple of tens of kilograms, but what happens to the body in this case? Nutritionists say nothing good. Cells will not receive the amino acids necessary for their regeneration. The optimal rate of weight loss is three kilograms per month, but no more.

Fast and strict diets lead to loss of muscle mass, not fat. The body of each person individually. According to professional trainers, to effectively get rid of the folds on the sides, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, stock a calculator. Calories are recommended to be reduced gradually until your body gets used. A strong feeling of hunger is a signal that something has gone wrong, and your expectations may not be met.

The fact is that with a lack of food the body loses vitamins and minerals, which leads to poor health. You need to make your menu so that you get the necessary amount of useful substances every day along with low-calorie food.

Diet leads to dehydration

Weight loss can also lead to dehydration. It is important to take the necessary amount of fluid to prevent this problem. Lack of water usually helps to quickly get rid of extra pounds, and, at first, you will be satisfied with yourself. However, this situation later negatively affect the process of losing weight, because the body will leave a liquid, but not fat.

Nutritionists advise to drink at least two liters of water per day if you decide to go on a diet. And even if the kilos do not disappear as quickly as you want, the result will be much more sustainable. Do not forget that the lack of fluid causes various problems with the skin, nails and hair, and also disrupts the internal organs.

Drastic weight loss is fraught with loss of strength and energy.

Lack of a balanced diet can cause constant fatigue and loss of strength. Experts do not recommend starving, because the feeling of hunger that is experienced regularly often leads to depression. Improperly chosen food will cause severe fatigue. Even in the morning you will feel lethargic. Recent studies have shown that with severe nutritional deficiencies, anemia can develop, as well as many other diseases.

Strict diets can also cause problems with the digestive system. Rapid weight loss and malnutrition lead to diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain. That is why doctors do not recommend completely abandoning food, as this can lead to dangerous pathologies: the digestive system will no longer properly perform its functions.

Fasting slows metabolism

Severe dietary restrictions can slow down metabolic processes, which are regulated by the number of calories. Consequently, due to starvation, the metabolic process can be greatly slowed down, and this condition will last much longer than the diet itself. As you know, improper metabolism leads to the fact that the body burns fewer calories than you need, which, in turn, causes an increase in weight even with the consumption of a minimum number of calories. But this is not the only problem. With improper metabolism, there are serious interruptions in sleep.

Gallstones appear due to sudden weight loss.

Colic in the gallbladder is so strong that they are often confused with a heart attack. When the gallbladder functions normally, digestive juices are produced to help digest food. If the amount of food consumed is reduced, the body stops producing these juices. As a result, very serious problems can occur, such as blockage of the bile ducts. In this case, it is very important to immediately seek medical attention.

The effect of hard diets is short-lived.

It is useful to know that no matter what method of weight loss you use, the effect of losing weight too quickly does not last long. The reason lies in the short-term calorie restriction. If you want to not only lose weight, but also to maintain the achieved result, stick to a correct and balanced diet, with the help of which those extra pounds are lost gradually.

People say: you go slower, you will continue. In regards to losing weight, this wisdom works fine. Take into account the advice of nutritionists that your weight loss efforts are not in vain.

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