Luxury dress ideas for the evening in the season 2019-2020 – Top 11 trends of evening dresses

Luxury dress ideas for the evening in the season 2019-2020 – Top 11 trends of evening dresses

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In the life of every lady comes the very moment when you need to choose the best outfit in order to appear in all its glory at an important and long-awaited event. This can be a friend's wedding, prom, corporate party, New Year's party, birthday celebration and any other event when you want to wear a beautiful evening dress.

The choice of dress for the evening becomes a difficult choice, given the abundance of modern trends and trends, offering to create a fashionable image for the evening with a dress in a variety of designs.

Fashionable dress for the evening of the season 2019-2020 can be not only long and lush, but also mini and midi lengths, with different options for the bottom – a fluffy skirt, slightly flared, asymmetrical, as well as the top of the dress for the evening is shown in the bustier style, straps, high-top, V-neckline.

It should be noted that the main trends for evening dresses 2019-2020 will be the ease and ease of images, combined with the frankness and attractiveness of evening dresses in the season.

Proof of this is the openness of the models of the most fashionable dresses for the evening, as demonstrated by the leading couturiers in the fashionable season of 2019-2020. High cuts, transparent textures and inserts, glitter and tinsel will not allow any lady to go unnoticed in this evening dress.

Topical evening dresses with sequins and metallic luster, fitted and incredibly feminine models of evening dresses, bustier and crop top, with openness in the décolleté, shoulders and back will be relevant.

Evening dresses with embroidery and flower appliqués, floral patterns and animal prints, complemented with transparent and lace inserts, will be amazing for an evening look.

And if the choice of length for an evening dress 2019-2020 varies from short and long to the floor, then you can experiment with decor and shades endlessly. Feathers, beads, rhinestones, pearls, delicate, contrasting, muted, deep and bright hues will allow you to create a look for the evening in any direction – from elegant to intriguing.

Megamous evening dresses 2019-2020 will be so diverse and wonderful that each lady can choose an outfit to match herself – from a ballroom and fluffy dress, outright mini and bustier dresses to a romantic midi outfit for the evening or a fitted evening dress.

What will be the best outfits for the evening in the season 2019-2020, we are ready to tell you right now. Top 11 trends of the latest novelties of the season evening dress are shown in our article more …

Trend 1. Focus on shoulders

Bare shoulders have become one of the main accents in fashionable dresses for the evening, made in the most different lengths – short, medium and long evening dresses can be complemented by an open upper part.

Trendy evening dresses with bare and open shoulders can be shown in the style of a gang dress in a short length, with ties to the neck and thin straps, small sleeves and frill at the top or evening bustier dresses. The asymmetry in dresses for the evening with open shoulders is also welcome.

Trend 2. Lace dresses for the evening

Amazing lace in evening wear is hard to overestimate. After all, these are always dresses with special refinement and elegance in appearance, which is so attractive and elegant for a special solemn occasion.

Evening lace dresses are made mainly in a fitted silhouette, which allows to emphasize the dignity of the figure and the charm of the image. A short mini, long to the floor, with an unusual bottom with a train or ruffles will be an excellent choice of evening dress for a gentle outfit.

Trend 3. Sequins as the main trend of the dress

Shimmering and spectacular evening dresses, especially in the trend, which can be demonstrated by models with sequins or from metallized fabrics in different solutions.

The evening dress with sequins – gold, silver, black, emerald, pink, beige, powdery, cream – especially honored for evening dresses with sequins will delight with the delightfulness. But the style can be different, the main thing is its leanness, which will provide a spectacular image with an evening dress in sequins.

Trend 4. Translucent Dresses

Unusual surprise "naked" dresses or evening dresses with separate transparent inserts that have become the leading trends of dresses, especially evening dresses 2019-2020.

Transparent dresses for the evening can be very frank, and extremely sophisticated and elegant, depending on the model chosen. Lace, mesh, tulle allow to realize the transparency of the evening dress. The decor of the “naked” evening dresses – floral embroidery, applications, rhinestones, will be very rich and diverse.

Trend 5. Mini dresses for the evening

Ultramini can be a great solution for evening wear when there is a desire to demonstrate gorgeous and slender legs. In this case, the best would be the closure of the evening mini dress on top, and, possibly, long sleeves.

Lace, velvet, embroidery, metallized fabrics will be a smart solution for an evening dress in a mini decision. The slots on the shoulders, the bare back, delightful decor with feather mini dresses for the evening will be fashionable.

Trend 6. Evening midi dresses

The midi length is becoming popular and very relevant, showing chic variations of fashionable evening dresses that are so concise and amazing in their presentation.

Trendy evening midi dresses from 2019-2020 will be the best choice for any celebration – from corporate parties to graduation. Lush bottom and floral appliqués, fitted with ruffles, dress shirts in linen style will allow you to be super-attractive or very restrained in an evening midi dress.

Trend 7. Floor Evening Dress

More than luxurious and chic, will be mega-fashioned evening dresses in a long version. Beautiful ideas of images with evening long dresses can be many, each of which will allow you to become the queen of the evening in any case.

Trendy options are evening dresses with flared hem and ruffles, transparent solutions in certain parts of the attire, shimmering and shiny long dresses, with cuts and mega-high slits.

Trend 8. With an open back

Special attention should be paid to evening dresses, which have an attractive detail – an open back, allowing you to make an image amazingly beautiful without too much frankness.

Fashionable evening dresses with an emphasis on the back can be long and short, with a lush bottom or straight to the bottom – in each of the options, an open back will become an important detail for a fashionable evening bow with a chic dress.

Trend 9. Dress with train

Becoming a princess in the evening can be pretty easy if you give preference to the right dress, namely, an evening dress with a train in the season 2019-2020. Memorable, irresistible and amazing evening look in such a dress you are guaranteed!

An open back, bow, chic train, falling to the bottom will be a great solution for a luxurious and delightful look for an evening at graduation, for example. A lace dress with a train will become exquisite, but a satin or monophonic outfit will add elegance and tenderness to a romantic image with evening dress with a train.

Trend 10. Luxurious evening dresses

A special place in the top of dresses for the evening of the season 2019-2020 is occupied by lush dresses or ballroom options for dresses that do not leave the leading positions among other dresses.

Megamous evening dresses in an amazing lush style can be made with a short front and elongated back, midi dresses and the floor in a lush solution, as well as with lush folds along the entire length of the evening dress.

Trend 11. High cut

A trendy addition to the evening gown for special events will be high cuts, which will allow to slightly open the legs and make the image more intriguing and exciting. Cuts on an evening dress can decorate and dresses to the floor, as well as midi dress options.

Evening dresses from 2019–2020 with two symmetrical cuts, a cut in the center, or even high cuts that will open the thighs completely, allowing you to create very explicit images for the evening, will be interesting.

Top 11 trends of the most fashionable evening dresses in the season 2019-2020: trends and new clothes for the evening



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