Makeup for Beginners: Practical Makeup Tips for Every Day

Makeup for Beginners: Practical Makeup Tips for Every Day

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Makeup for Beginners: Practical Makeup Tips for Every Day

07/16/2019 | 12:21 |

Every girl wants to be irresistible, and this helps her makeup. You must be able to use it, and at birth such talent is not given. The art of make-up needs to be learned, and this science is complex, but comprehensible.

You can sign up for make-up courses, giving a lot of money for it. And you can go online and take a few lessons. About what rules should be followed when applying makeup, tell

What requires special attention?

Make-up specialists say that special attention should be paid to the lips, which should not only compensate for possible makeup flaws, but also be perfect in shape as well as eyes. Applying shadows requires strict adherence to technology. To achieve the perfect result, immediately there are few who succeed, so micellar water should always be at hand, with which you can easily remove excess.

Start by applying the base.

Preparation for applying makeup depends on skin type. If it is dry, then you need a moisturizer. This rule applies equally to fading skin. It is recommended for owners of oily skin to select a matting cream or gel that reduces pores and controls sebum secretion.

After applying the base, you must wait for about ten minutes before proceeding with the application of decorative cosmetics.

The initial stage is the most important, as it aims to correct deficiencies. For example, in order to visually hide inflammation or rosacene, you should use a green corrector. It is used for the whole face or locally: depending on the scale of the problem.

To mask the circles under the eyes, it is recommended to use a peach corrector. Bold shine can be blocked by a touch of lavender. The color of the corrector should be lighter in tone than the skin.

Eyebrows decide everything

Modern women of fashion pay special attention to this part of the face. Dark and thin lines seem to be a thing of the past, and natural eyebrows replaced them – the wider the better. But not always what is in trend is right for you. It is better to entrust eyebrow correction to professionals, since, by taking up this business on your own, you can harm the hair structure and shape.

Eyes: attention – shooters

Applying makeup on the eyes requires special care. Arrows are ideal for both evening and everyday make-up. You can draw them with a special liner or with shadows. You can also paint in the outer corner of the eye.

A colorless or pastel base is applied under the shade. It is important to maintain an optimal amount, otherwise the shadows will not lie as they should ideally. For applying shadows is better to use a synthetic brush, which is easier to shade. Light color is applied in the corners of the eyes. Closer to the outer edge – darker and darker. In the corner, where the arrows end, comes the turn of the darkest tone.

To make-up look complete, you need to work with the space under the base of the eyebrows. In these places it is recommended to apply the lightest shadows that become darker when switching to the eyelid. As a result of using such a technique, colors will merge, which will make eye makeup for beginners a complete composition.

How to make a clear lip contour?

Lip makeup is the penultimate stage. At first glance, everything is simple and understandable even for beginners: it is enough to circle the lips with a contour pencil. But this business has its own secrets.

Initially, you need to work with a contour pencil, and then put on the lips the foundation on which the lipstick will lie. Sales can be purchased tools that extend the life of the lipstick up to six hours, or even longer. If there is no such product in your cosmetic bag, then initially paint all your lips with a contour pencil, and apply lipstick on top.

If you want to achieve a matte effect, then blot the lipstick with a napkin. After that, outline their outline with a wax corrector to smooth out all the flaws. By the way, the same technique will help you to adjust the shape of the eyebrows: the corrector has a dense texture, due to which it can be used to create clear lines.


Apply a special concealer to all protruding parts of the face. Here it is important to follow some rules. So, the dark corrector is used if you need to visually reduce any area. If you want to make it wider, then resort to using a light shade corrector. The transitions between tones should not be noticeable, so learn how to shade them. After adjustment, apply blush in such a way as to emphasize the cheekbones.

Makeup fixation

To make your makeup last longer, use thermal water. It contains mineral salts that penetrate into the layers of cosmetics, due to which their lifespan is extended. Use products made by reputable manufacturers.

General recommendations

Before you start applying makeup, make sure that you have everything you need at hand. These are cotton sticks and disks, several brushes: for shadows, powder, blush, arrows. The skin should be perfectly cleansed and hydrated. The tonal basis can be applied with your fingers: here it is convenient for anyone.

What should be in your cosmetic bag?

In the arsenal of cosmetics every girl should have several shades. Dark – for the cold season, and light – for the warm. Blush and powder are applied with a fluffy brush so that there is no excess. It is useful to know that powder without shine is more suitable for correcting makeup during the day.

In the cosmetic bag must be present to clean the skin. These are scrubs, foams, lotions, gels and lotions. It is recommended to use them no more than twice a week. Use masks and creams daily. This should be done both during the day and at night. For each time of day, select the appropriate products.

Thus, you maintain the necessary level of humidity, and your skin will get a healthy and radiant shade. The cream should also be selected according to your skin type. Foundation makeup should not create a masking effect.

Eye pencils choose oily. It is easier to apply them, besides they are shaded. For eyebrows, choose special shades that should be one tone darker than the color of your hairs. Mascara, regardless of color, it is better to buy with a volumetric effect.

When applying makeup, professional makeup artists recommend focusing on one thing. If you decide to emphasize the lips, do not emphasize your eyes too much. In this case, the shadow shades should be light. And vice versa: if you want to put emphasis on the eyes, then choose a dim lipstick.

Successful to you experiments!

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