Manicure 2019: trends in bright nail design for the summer season

Manicure 2019: trends in bright nail design for the summer season

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Manicure 2019: trends in bright nail design for the summer season

07.09.2019 | 12:47 |

Still do not know what a manicure 2019? The trends in nail design this year are very diverse. Don't have time to keep up with regularly changing styles and innovations? Then we offer to get acquainted with the ideas of Neil Art, which will definitely not be out of fashion in the near future.


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Bright, stylish, rich colors – this is what beauty experts dictate to us now. In summer, you always want more emotions, more freedom and a rainbow. Consequently, a stylish manicure should match the mood, so offers you dozens of ideas, among which you will definitely find something that will inspire you.

Fashion experiments

Whatever the manicure, whatever colors become the leaders of the season, experiments will always be in fashion. Moreover, the more you diversify, the better. Want to make all your nails colorful? You are welcome! Or maybe geometric patterns of different shades? Excellent and smooth lines on the nails, symbolizing the waves of the sea.

The beach is a place where you want to sparkle, rejoice, have fun and laugh. And this mood needs only a festive manicure. Whatever one may say, and summer is for many the feast of soul and body. Add color to your everyday life and go to conquer the world with beautiful nails.

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You can experiment, by the way, with the shape of your nails. Here is a matter of taste. Some people like long, conical shapes, some prefer short, rectangular, square, rounded, and so on. What form of nails would you choose, the main color scheme, but this year it is welcomed in a variety of variations.

Do not forget about the patterns on the nails. The drawings always emphasize the fact that the girl takes care of herself, tries to look well-groomed, beautiful and in some cases presentable. Different designs of patterns or prints on the nails can be easily matched to any occasion. Smoother lines are suitable for business meetings, soft and rolling for the beach, and for romantic dates try to decorate your nails with rhinestones or pebbles, but do not overdo it, since in this case minimalism will be perfect.

We bring to your attention the ideas of manicure 2019. Stylish, beautiful, neat, flighty and bright. We are sure that you will definitely be inspired by viewing the gallery and even come up with your unique masterpiece.

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