Manicure with dandelion: fashionable options for a delicate pattern for the summer

Manicure with dandelion: fashionable options for a delicate pattern for the summer

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Manicure with dandelion: fashionable options for a delicate pattern for the summer

06/30/2019 | 12:42 |

The brightest and most fun time of the year inspires you to find the perfect manicure. Drawing with a dandelion is a great option for any fashionista. The universal pattern is suitable for both office and leisure!


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An interesting summer manicure with a dandelion allows you to experiment and show the facets of your nature. selected the most interesting and beautiful drawings for every taste.

Lightness and tenderness

For lovers of minimalism, such a pattern would emphasize the external severity combined with internal playfulness. If the situation does not allow the use of bright colors, it is better to stop at nude pastel colors. Dandelion fluffs, aspiring behind the wind, on this background will look like a girl's romantic and touching.

Courage and contrast

The summer period allows to embody even the brightest fantasies. Heat and rest – time of courageous experiments. The most unimaginable colors and their combinations, which serve as the background for the main pattern – dandelion, have already been prepared by fashion designers.

No need to limit the usual shades. If the situation allows, then you need to use the opportunity to the maximum. Flower meadow or traced dandelion on the entire nail – only your own preferences in priority.

And the flower itself serves as inspiration. It is possible to decorate marigolds with saturated warm yellows, when in spring and summer flowers just appear, or you can restrict yourself to more calm whites, which can be so joyfully blown away from already modified handsome dandelions.

The shape and length of nails

Manicure with dandelion looks great on any nails. But it is noticed that the longer the nails, the brighter the colors they adorn. And on the contrary, more muffled and modest drawings are chosen by owners of classical forms.

In addition to the beautiful picture, it is important to choose high-quality nail care products. Only in a complex manicure will bring pleasure from an interesting pattern and its durability!

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