Proper skin care in the summer: 4 main conditions

Proper skin care in the summer: 4 main conditions

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And they need to comply with all, regardless of the characteristics of the skin and visual health. Because it is impossible to overdo it with prevention, and the benefits of it are great. So now will tell you about 4 basic principles of summer skin care.

Regular exfoliation of the skin

Under the action of heat and ultraviolet radiation, the surface layer of the skin quickly loses fluid and dies. Because of what it becomes harder for the internal layers to breathe, more and more cells die, secretory activity of the sebaceous glands is activated and the skin turns into something not very attractive. So it should be cleaned about 2 times a week using a variety of soft scrubs. For example, a mixture of coffee grounds, olive oil and fine sea salt. The main condition is a mild impact. Neither large granules, nor chemical removal with any acids are necessary. And what to apply specifically – depends on the type of skin.

Correct makeup

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In a good way, in the summer it is generally worth to abandon cosmetics, or to dispense with a basic minimum. But if you think that makeup is necessary, then you should give preference to pastel tones and means, additionally equipped with sunscreen properties. In the evening it is easier – you can safely return to the pencils for the eyes, lipstick and other means. The main thing – to remove them before bedtime. Because the skin must breathe, especially – in the summer.

More antioxidants

Ultraviolet light also affects the deeper layers of the skin, so they need extra protection. Food with antioxidants is, of course, good, but one cannot do without special serums, which purposefully bring in healthy substances right where they are needed. This is especially important for owners of oily and sensitive skin.


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In the hot period, the skin loses an increased amount of water, so that it is necessary to moisturize it hard. Moisturizing night masks twice a week, moisturizers every day, proper washing with cool water, constantly carrying moisturizing sprays. And, of course, drinking enough fluids throughout the day. And it concerns absolutely everyone. Moreover, even men should remember about this case. Especially – about the right wash.

Team reminds that if you have serious problems with skin care – you should contact the professionals. In cosmetology centers you will be advised, or even sent to dermatologists, if any really serious problems are found. In any case, monitor your appearance is necessary. Otherwise, it will be too late.

We also believe that it would be useful for you to learn how to properly care for your hair in summer. In principle, the basic conditions are the same. Especially – active moisturizing.

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