Rejuvenating power of thick eyebrows: a noticeable difference in the appearance of celebrities

Rejuvenating power of thick eyebrows: a noticeable difference in the appearance of celebrities

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Rejuvenating power of thick eyebrows: a noticeable difference in the appearance of celebrities

12.06.2019 | 10:55 |

Celebrities always follow trends, and many of them prefer thick eyebrows with age. We propose to assess how the appearance of the stars changed after they abandoned their thin eyebrows.

In the world of beauty trends change as often as in fashion. Celebrities always watch them and stick to them. And therefore we can easily assess how the appearance of the most beautiful women in Hollywood has changed after they have abandoned their thin eyebrows and have preferred thick, notes

Trends in the field of beauty come and go. If back in the 90s there were thin eyebrows and strings, now the thicker the better. And Cara Delevingne is a vivid example. From the very beginning, the model had magnificent eyebrows, which became her calling card. It is generally difficult to imagine a star with any other shape and thickness.

How did the appearance of the stars change after the change of brow thickness?

Meanwhile, not only young people prefer thick eyebrows, but also adults. Among celebrities too. And for good reason. The fact is that magnificent eyebrows have a unique property of natural "rejuvenation", taking a couple of extra years from their owner.

Penelope Cruz

A striking example of Penelope Cruz – one of the most sought after and famous actresses in history. The star has always preferred beautiful and broad eyebrows, with the exception of 1999. Fortunately, very soon the female lead in the movie "Banditas" returned to naturalness.

Duchess of Sussex

Prince Harry’s wife is naturally wide-eyed. In the past, she conducted experiments, plucking them and making them more subtle. Yet with age, Megan Markle returned to naturalness, only slightly trimming the eyebrow line.

Sherry Riley, who owns a salon in London and whose client is the Duchess of Sussex, says that Her Highness chooses the eyebrow shape “Audrey” – like the icon Audrey Hepburn: “Tall and straightforward shape that opens the eyes visually,” the stylist notes.

Jennifer Lopez

According to beauty experts, the American star has the most beautiful eyebrows. Often, a celebrity simply underlines them with a pencil. However, in the past, the actress and singer had thin eyebrows, which, of course, went to her when she was younger. And the "strings" in the 90s were very popular.

Victoria Beckham

At the time of the Spice Girls, Victoria, known as Posh, wore thin eyebrows. Soon, she, like others, preferred naturalness, and now only corrects the natural line of the eyebrows.

Blanca Suarez

The 30-year-old Spanish actress Blanca Suárez is also one of those who have gradually determined for themselves the ideal shape of the eyebrows, making a bet on naturalness. But in 2009, the face of the star of the Black Lagoon television series was decorated with eyebrows.

Charlize Theron

Currently, the star of the film "Atomic Blonde" boasts eyebrows with a clearly defined shape, which she achieves through makeup. But in 1998, she posed for the public with thin bright eyebrows, which were in vogue at the time.

Jessica Alba

38-year-old actress has thick and natural eyebrows for many years. In the early 2000s, she abandoned the "strings", and rightly so, as her natural beauty can only be envied.

Most recently, fans were impressed by Rita Ora, who published a photo with "invisible" eyebrows. The actress went on a cardinal experiment with appearance.

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