Secrets of nutritionists due to which the figure will always be in great shape

Secrets of nutritionists due to which the figure will always be in great shape

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What we see is not a gift from God, but their slender and resilient bodies are the result of hard work. There are stars that do not apply much effort, but still manage to maintain the perfect shape. Others make tremendous efforts to get rid of extra pounds. But behind the success of the appearance of all world celebrities are nutritionists who know the secrets by which everyone can maintain a great shape. I learned about these tricks

Not so important what you eat

Lisa Young teaches nutrition discipline at a university in New York. She notes that people often try to figure out what's on their menu, but they don’t pay attention to the amount of food they eat. According to her, everything should be a measure, and this is the main rule in nutrition.

To determine the amount of food your body needs, do an experiment: make a diary to record what you eat and how much you eat each day. After two or three weeks, you can determine your rate. For this purpose you can use a measuring vessel, for example, a glass. Instead of two cups of buckwheat (boiled), eat one and avoid overeating. And if you are having dinner somewhere on the street, pay attention to the weight of portions.

Only balance: carbohydrates cannot be completely ruled out.

Almost all diets include carbohydrate restriction, and some even eliminate them completely. But there are carbohydrates that are needed by the body. Nutritionist Nina Consola believes that whole grains should be present in any diet.

In addition to carbohydrates, they contain a large amount of fiber and substances that help fight many diseases. In addition, grains help control blood sugar levels and saturate the body.

If natural food is not tasty, add spices.

If you want to add a pleasant flavor to your dish, use spices! It has long been proven that herbs and spices contain more than 2000 phytonutrients. They speed up the metabolism, normalize blood sugar levels and even help maintain brain activity.

Spices do not have calories and significantly improve the taste and quality of dishes. If you want to fall in love with healthy food from natural products and enjoy even boiled chicken breasts, buy spices and start cooking healthy and tasty food!

Snack between main meals is the culprit extra pounds

Notice how often you cheat on hunger with chips, cookies, or other snacks. They are very high-calorie. Sometimes snacks contain 1/4 of all calories taken per day. But many do not even think about it when they put another candy in their mouths.

All the answers to your questions are on the label.

We have already learned to study labels on products, to find out their composition, whether they contain GMOs, sugar, preservatives, dyes, and so on. But almost no one pays attention to the length of the list of ingredients.

Nutritionist Wendy Basilan argues that the longer the list of ingredients, the more harmful the product. Each new element in the composition shows how many times the product has been processed during production. Should I add to the basket the cheese that has been cooked so many times?

If you're still a real life examples and do not trust the words of nutritionists, we recommend finding out how the beauty and harmony of Halle Berry preserves. She is 52 years old, and she looks 20 years younger.


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