Seven habits that help you lose weight while you sleep

Seven habits that help you lose weight while you sleep

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Observing the "rules of beauty", you can not only control body weight, but also suspend the aging process. As practice shows, preparatory work before bedtime increases the effectiveness of "night action" on calories. To make the results more visible, you need to introduce a number of new habits into your daily lifestyle, says. Experts show several not complicated, but operating techniques.

Air temperature

Numerous studies have repeatedly proven the effect on metabolism. Experts recommend maintaining a temperature of about + 18 ° C in the bedroom at night. A cool environment activates fat cells, which are responsible for thermoregulation. As you know, the body spends more energy to maintain heat than in the absence of such a need.

Grape juice

Despite the fact that grapes are characterized by high calorie content, it contains substances that contribute to the conversion of fats. Grape juice is rich in a component called resveratrol, it is he who turns white fat into beige, which is responsible for maintaining heat in the body.

Just 1 cup of grape juice at night will help get rid of extra pounds. It is important to consume freshly squeezed juices without added sugar.

Time control

Everything should happen on time. An erratic sleep pattern is detrimental to metabolism and to health in general. Timely sleep helps activate beige cells, which reduce calories.

If a night's rest does not correspond to the regime, then the quality of melatonin production worsens, and when waking up, a person feels tired and hungry. In order to improve well-being, in this case, high-calorie food is required.


Before going to bed, a person should be relaxed, and gatherings on the Internet require concentration. In addition, the technical light of gadgets and indicators serve as a distracting maneuver during sleep.

Blue radiation from the screens of mobile devices greatly inhibit the production of melatonin, which is why a person cannot sleep for a long time. Researchers advise against using gadgets at least 2 hours before bedtime. And an e-book or tablet can be replaced with a regular book.

Protein snack

At night, it is customary not to binge, but if you really want to eat, then you can eat light protein provisions. Low-calorie sour-milk dishes, lean turkey or peanut butter will make your sleep more calm and strong.

sour-milk dishes


Physical activity spends a lot of energy, which entails the need to have a good rest, and a person literally sleeps. Before going to bed, experts advise resorting to aerobic or cardio exercises. Also weightlifting and swimming in the evening helps to reduce calories, and during sleep this effect is prolonged.

Herbal tea

Cup of tea

We are talking about good tea, and not about dietary mixtures that provoke dehydration. The bottom line is that herbal decoctions have a positive effect on the nervous system and the digestive system, so green tea before bedtime will serve well.

It is also helpful to maintain normal cholesterol, because the body is beautiful only if it is healthy.

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