Skin youth depends on food: what foods should be excluded from the diet

Skin youth depends on food: what foods should be excluded from the diet

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Did you know that food that a person consumes every day can lead to premature aging of the skin? And indeed it is. Experts in the field of the beauty industry told which products it is better to give up and which one to prefer, reports

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Studies show that in 80% of cases, premature aging of the skin is due to lifestyle, including sleep, skin care, smoking, and diet.

"The appearance and health of the skin is directly related to the human diet. By adjusting the diet, you can improve the appearance, promote rejuvenation and vitality," says a nutritionist from Madrid.

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“A food that does not contain nutrients and antioxidants, is rich in fats, hypercaloric with a lot of additives, no doubt, ages the skin,” confirms the beauty trainer.

What products should be discarded?

Flour and fats. Beauty experts point out that you should stop consuming refined flour and saturated fat. To prevent premature aging, you need to systematically consume fruits, vegetables and low-fat foods. And if without bread in any way, then only wholegrain.

Processed and cleaned foods provide fewer nutrients and antioxidants. White flour is devoid of minerals and contributes to an increase in blood glucose levels, which leads to weight gain and contributes to chronic inflammation.

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Sausage and meat rich in saturated fats. They contain arachidonic acid. Its excess in the body leads to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, rheumatic, autoimmune and digestive diseases. The list can be continued for a long time. It is important that a person consume more unsaturated fats – omega-3, which are found in fish, chia, flax, algae and nuts. Processed meat contains additives that cause inflammation and affect collagen.

Sugar. A person should consume less calories and more nutrients. Excess calories, especially sugar, is old. In addition, it causes glycation in the body – a process that leads to the destruction of collagen and elastin fibers of the skin, which leads to the formation of wrinkles, blemishes and sagging.

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"Sugar can cause premature aging. Studies show that the main factor accelerating aging is an increased level of insulin, which leads to fluid retention in the body and changes the structure of collagen," the expert says.

Baking, sweets, hamburgers, fast food, hot dogs and fried snacks are empty calories that lead to health problems.

Alcohol. Hot drinks dehydrate the body, reduce the level of vitamin A – a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin. And this is not to mention the problems with the liver and kidneys. In addition, prolonged use of alcohol leads to rosacea, flaking and flaccidity of the skin. It becomes pale, wrinkled, dry, pores expand.

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Sweet carbonated drinks. Their use flushes out calcium from the body, promotes weight gain, dehydrates and leads to hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and obesity.

Bad habits that lead to premature aging:

Abuse of oil. It contains hydrogenated fats that adversely affect the skin.

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Abuse of salt. This can cause swelling and fluid retention. Avoid high sodium diets.

Eat little fruits and vegetables. Ignoring these products not only affects the digestive system and overall health, but also leads to skin aging. Eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits – cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, watermelons – and better raw.

There is little protein. This habit leads to a decrease in the quality of collagen and contributes to the loss of muscle mass.

A lot of healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle knows 90-year-old Patricia Bragg. A nutritionist is not shy about sharing his beauty secrets and even recipes for healthy drinks.

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