Summer Hair Care: Top 5 Nutritious Masks with Simple Ingredients

Summer Hair Care: Top 5 Nutritious Masks with Simple Ingredients

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Due to sun exposure, hair becomes brittle, naughty and starts to fall out. Therefore, in the summer you should spend more time on them and take care of the health of your curls. has prepared several useful masks that can be prepared from the available ingredients.

Summer hair masks


The easiest option to help your hair is before you start washing, apply olive, burdock or sesame oil for 20 minutes. This will cleanse the curls of toxic substances and help moisturize them. You can add egg yolk to the oil and apply the resulting mixture to the hair, spreading it over the entire length. After washing the head, using a nourishing balm.

Kefir mask

This tool will help oily hair, nourish and heal them. For the preparation should take a fat kefir, preferably homemade, and apply on the entire length of the hair. There is no definite dosage, it all depends on the length of the hair. After application, make a small massage of the scalp and put on a plastic cap over the top. After half an hour, wash off the mask.

Herbal mask

Herbs have a beneficial effect on hair health. Broths not only strengthen the curls, but also improve growth and give shine. To prepare, take a tablespoon of the series, nettle, burdock and chamomile. Pour the collection with a liter of boiling water and leave for half an hour. After that, you need to cool the broth and strain. Apply it to your hair for half an hour before washing your hair.

Banana mask

Overswept banana whisk in a blender with 6 drops of almond oil. Apply to the scalp in a circular motion. The mask must be kept for 20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water. This home remedy will help soften hair.

Hair Shine Mask

To make this healthy cosmetic, you need 2 tablespoons of olive oil and egg yolk. Just mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply to your hair along the entire length. After half an hour, rinse the mass with warm water. To achieve a beautiful shine of hair and their softness, you can repeat this procedure only once a month.

Revision JoInfoMedia reminds you that before using home cosmetics you should consult with a specialist in order not to harm your health.

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