The beauty of the flight does not spoil: what to put in a cosmetic bag going on a trip

The beauty of the flight does not spoil: what to put in a cosmetic bag going on a trip

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If you often travel or your work is connected with long trips, then the selection of the following beauty-life hacking is exactly for you. How to get off the ladder beautiful and that for this you need to carry with you in your hand luggage, tell


The first thing to take care of is a facial cleanser. Tonics, washbasins, antibacterial wipes for make-up remover will help to avoid the appearance of acne and clogged pores.


Do not forget to take with you a special brush that will work perfectly in tandem with foam or gel and will save your face from rashes.

Nutritious cream

Moisturizer and serum will help to avoid dryness and the unpleasant feeling of tight skin after the flight. Remember that the cream should be applied with clean hands with light massaging movements and only on previously cleansed skin.

Thermal water


In continuation of the topic of hydration. There is enough dry air on board the aircraft, so a refreshing spray, or as it is called, thermal water, is useful to passengers with any skin type. Spray the cosmetic as often as possible and at the end of the journey you will be like a cucumber.


This ultra-fashionable beauty tool advertises every blogger. On the shelves you can find patches for every taste, color and wallet. Be sure to take these little helpers on the plane and glue them under your eyes 20 minutes before landing. Puffiness and bruises will remove instantly!



If during the flight you often swell the whole face or your skin is very flaky, then be sure to put a moisturizing and tonic face mask in your hand luggage. In addition, it will protect you from bacteria and bacilli that move along the board of the aircraft from passenger to passenger.

Lip balm

lip balm

In an airplane, often the skin of the lips becomes weathered and dry. Save the situation will help nourishing balm. In addition, they smell good and give the lips a seductive shine.

Cuticle oil and hand cream

Still a story about humidification and dry air on board the aircraft. Care should be taken not only of the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, but also of the hands. With cuticle oil and nourishing cream, your fingers will maintain a perfect manicure for a long time.



This advice is more for those travelers who fly to hot countries. Before going on the ladder you need to take care of protecting the skin from harmful sun rays.

Hand antiseptic

This is the eternal friend of the traveler. You will need an antiseptic in any scenario: before and after the meal, before and after going to the lavatory, in order to clear the passenger seat and all its details. Antiseptic – a kind of magic wand, which should be in every backpack and suitcase.

Decorative cosmetics

And completes the list of beauty products standard set of women's cosmetics: gel for eyelashes and eyebrows, carcasses, highlighter, easy BB-cream, powder, blush and further on the list. However, this option is suitable for those women who simply can not appear in public without makeup. If you can easily suffer without heavy makeup, it is better to spend the time of flight on the mask and moisturize the skin.


We recall earlier we talked about how the famous model Naomi Campbell is preparing for the trip. Celebrity shot a separate video to show their rites in the plane.

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