The secret of slimming Maria Kozhevnikova: the actress shared helpful tips

The secret of slimming Maria Kozhevnikova: the actress shared helpful tips

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The secret of slimming Maria Kozhevnikova: the actress shared helpful tips

06/14/2019 | 15:31 |

Star of the series "Univer" told about how she managed to get rid of extra pounds. Maria Kozhevnikova gave some useful tips to her readers.

Famous Russian actress Maria Kozhevnikova surprised many fans with the results of her own weight loss. Many asked the artist how she managed to lose weight, and she gladly shared her secrets on Instagram, writes.

The secret of slimming Maria Kozhevnikova

The star of the youth series "Univer" actively replenishes the personal microblogging with interesting publications. Maria Kozhevnikova openly talks about her family, career success and shares useful tips. Increasingly, the actress is asked about her achievements in losing weight, so she decided to dedicate a new post to this topic.

"My past photo about detox caused so many questions and discussions that I decided to tell in more detail how I managed to lose weight" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – editorial note), says Maria. According to her, there is no magic pill, and losing weight is an integrated approach.

A key aspect of the actress called nutrition. Kozhevnikova argues that it is not necessary to abandon your favorite food and go on a strict diet – all you need is nutrition to be healthy and balanced. The actress herself uses the “plate rule” —this is when half of one meal has vegetables, a quarter contains complex carbohydrates, and another quarter contains protein foods.

The second aspect Maria calls physical activity, without which it is impossible to achieve a significant result. The actress advises to find a kind of activity that will bring joy, and not be tedious.

Fans thanked the famous mother of three children for such important and useful recommendations. They believe that Maria is absolutely right in this approach to losing weight.

“Well, yes, to look good and be healthy you need to move and eat right,” “Yes, you are right in everything,” “A great way to remove fat from the belly. Especially young moms, like me,” “It would be nice if they were these "magic pills," followers write.

Maria Kozhevnikova was able to get rid of excess weight after the birth of her third son, which greatly surprised her fans. And now they have learned how the actress managed to achieve such a result.

By the way, a resident of Australia was able to lose more than 60 kilograms simply by replacing sweets with one product. What does a girl look like now?

Photo: Instagram / mkozhevnikova

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