To learn the character of a woman will help her favorite lipstick

To learn the character of a woman will help her favorite lipstick

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Of course, true ladies often change their image and make-up depending on the circumstances, but in every woman’s cosmetics bag there is always her most favorite lipstick, I'm sure

Lipstick color and character

1. Coral shades

This lipstick or gloss is chosen by women with a great sense of humor. They like to spend time in noisy companies and meet with many friends. They are always in the spotlight, thanks to a positive attitude and undying optimism.

2. Red lipstick

If a woman chooses bright shades of red lipstick, be sure that no difficulties and trials will frighten her! They always have a purpose in life and firmly go to it at any cost. These are real workaholics who often put work in first place in life.

3. Pink shades

Such women love to give advice and believe that everyone is simply obliged to follow them. By nature, they are emotional personalities who perceive any problem as a real tragedy of a lifetime. A man who loves such a lady should be ready to constantly console her and support her always and in everything.

4. Violet, brown and blue colors

Such slightly aggressive lipsticks are chosen by determined women. They clearly have leadership qualities that they like to demonstrate at every convenient, and even uncomfortable, occasion. Such girls are not afraid of competition, on the contrary – she even motivates them. As a rule, they are very independent and completely indifferent to what other people think of them.

5. Colorless shine or lack thereof

A little bit to emphasize your lips with glitter or not to paint them at all is loved by homely calm women, for whom the most important and important thing in life is family. They do not seek to grab the stars from the sky, but simply live and enjoy life. They very much honor family traditions and are fans of old movies, music and fashion.

Now you know exactly which lady will suit you in character, and which one is better to stay away from. You may also be interested to know how women's lipstick and horoscope are related. What shades and colors are recommended to use for different signs of the zodiac?

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