Waist like a Frenchwoman: beauty secrets of the most romantic Madame in the world

Waist like a Frenchwoman: beauty secrets of the most romantic Madame in the world

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Elegant French women have not only a subtle sense of style, but also the ability to build their lifestyle so that it helps to maintain a slim figure. It is noteworthy that this particular nation is noted for low obesity and even in adulthood women look very charming, Joinfo.ua believes. And the main secret to this success is nutrition.

Comfortable shoes

French women prefer shoes on a low platform, comfortable and stable. And if they choose high heel shoes, then those in which they can easily walk around the city. They prefer walking and even on business would rather “flutter” along the streets than ride the subway or taxi. Movement is the key to a healthy body and slim waist.

Food – three times a day

By tradition, the French adhere to three standard meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is enough to save strength and energy for the whole day. And fast food, quick bites or junk food – this is a taboo for slender madam.

The table is not for interior decoration

Yes Yes! Well, which of us does not like to crunch something in front of a computer or TV. Enthusiastic about work or your favorite movie, we do not control the portion and often eat more than the body requires. Slow eating at the table without distractions is more beneficial for the waist.


French women prefer not only to move around without traffic jams, but also to train their muscles at the same time. After several trips, you will feel stronger.

Cheese and black coffee

The French are still cheese lovers. Experts say that a piece of this product triggers the release of cholecystokinin. This hormone sends a signal to the brain about satiety. And black coffee without sugar contains only 15 calories, while, for example, latte – 200.

Active pet = slender master

French women love dogs. In addition, making a furry friend in France is much easier. They can ride dogs even in public transport. This is a kind of training. For a week of walking with a pet, according to statistics, a Frenchwoman walks about 8 hours.

Balanced food

French women prefer not only low-calorie, but also delicious food. But they always try to eat more vegetables and fruits, which are sources of fiber and healthy vitamins.

Sweets are not a sin

A self-respecting Frenchwoman will not restrain her urge to eat something tasty. The main rule is to eat sweets not often and in small portions, enjoying the taste. This should be fun, and not fill the stomach with a kilogram of chocolate.

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