What will be the most current trends on the coat in the new season 2019-2020 – see photo images

What will be the most current trends on the coat in the new season 2019-2020 – see photo images

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Fashionable coat has always been and remains the choice of real ladies who want to show exquisite and sophisticated images with their favorite outfits in any season of the year, especially for the cold period.

Many women of fashion worry about their impeccable appearance in the cold season, because outerwear sometimes adds extra volume, hides the figure and the attractiveness of the image as a whole.

Therefore, the choice of outerwear for autumn-winter and spring can be very difficult. But the images with a coat are extremely feminine and elegant combinations that will help create diverse sets in any style.

Fashionable styles of the coat of the season of 2019-2020, demonstrated by leading brands and couturiers, allow you to safely interpret pretty coats in a business and romantic style, street style and casual looks, as well as sport chic.

An abundance of variations of models and styles of fashionable coats of 2019-2020 show us the bold bows of a coat + sneakers or a coat with rough shoes that looks lovely.

For the evening, fashionable elegant coats to the floor are offered, which will make the image in the dress luxurious and charming. An interesting image can be obtained with a cap coat or a coat with short sleeves for spring.

For connoisseurs of attractive images there will be amazing fashionable coat-dresses in the season 2019-2020, which will replace both the dress and the coat at the same time, amazingly transforming the appearance for special celebrations.

In the spring, a coat with 3/4 sleeves, extended or flared sleeves will be appropriate. Coats without sleeves that resemble vests will become practical during a relatively warm season.

The sporty and active ladies will love fashionable bolonev coats and quilted coats, as well as a jacket coat that perfectly combines in the style of sport chic and casual. Such fashionable coats will perfectly warm and give spectacularity to an image with a coat.

It is important to pay attention to the top coats with prints – a coat in a cage, strip, with floral patterns, made in a calm color scheme, and extravagant.

No less, and perhaps even more surprising, will be fashionable coats in their colors – spectacular red coats, amazing white coats, irresistible emerald, plum, wine, cobalt blue tint, pink, beige, cream and coffee coats will become a fashionable trend among the top top clothes of 2019-2020.

Choose a coat is primarily on your preferences and style of clothing. Business coat styles can be straight and fitted. For a romantic set, fitted coats and trendy coats with flared hems will be appropriate.

The length of the trendy coat in the season 2019-2020 can also be different – short coats in the form of a jacket or cape and a coat to the floor will be very stylish, but the most relevant and in-demand will be a coat in the midi length.

Fashionable coat under jeans or dress, with sneakers or pumps, boots and boots can be found in the best tandems in our fashion photo review just below.

And now we offer the most fashionable coats on the TOP-11 trends that will become mega-fashioned on the coat in the season 2019-2020.

3/4 sleeve

The different length of the coat itself or the sleeves allows you to give the images with the trendy coats in the season 2019-2020 lightness and novelty. Trendy coats with short sleeves in length 3/4 will not become something new for fashionistas, but the relevance of such coats with a non-long sleeve is also maintained and the upcoming fashion season. Short sleeves on a coat are more often found in demi-season coats and are made in an extended style, giving refinement to sets with a coat.

Without sleeves

In a fashion coat that strongly resembles vests, but still they will warm you up much better and save you from the cold. Light sleeves without sleeves are excellent in romantic and business sets, making them extremely concise and restrained. To wear fashionable models of a coat without sleeves, stylists propose with pumps or boots that looks equally good and charming.

Coat Dress

In the season of 2019-2020, the most attractive dress coats have become a fashionable trend and a novelty among coats that look like a coat externally, being a self-sufficient outfit and not requiring additional apparels. Fitted, flared, straight coats in the form of a dress are made mainly with two rows of buttons, can be with a turn-down collar or lowered shoulders, opening the decollete and shoulders zone.

Coat to the floor

Looking for a variant of outerwear for the evening for a cold period – then chic long coats will be able to play for you the best tandem with dresses and other robes for an evening out. Evening coats to the floor can be in spectacular color, but preferably without prints. Pastel and nude shades add refinement to sets with fashionable long coats 2019-2020.

Coat in a cage

Super fashionable “mast hev”, which should be in the wardrobe of every woman of fashion for the cold season 2019-2020 will be charming coats in a cage. Cellular print will delight with its diversity, which will allow you to create superstyle and calm images with a coat in a cage, or extravagant and memorable bows with a coat in a cage in a bright performance.

Jacket coat

For ladies who have the practicality of outerwear in the first place when choosing it, special attention should be paid to fashionable coat jackets. These coats are made of lightweight materials, which makes them similar to jackets, and the special cut and refinement of the silhouette of a jacket-coat is borrowed from the coat itself. This type of jacket-coat is ideal in the cold winter, allowing you to be elegant and not worry about what you can freeze.

Plus size coat

Do not forget the top brands and couturiers about the ladies with magnificent forms, in other words, owners of plus size sizes, for whom elegant coats for the cold season are also offered. Fashionable plus size coats in a straight cut with an emphasis on the waist in the form of a belt and a length at the knee level will be harmonious and charming for lush ladies.

Double breasted coat

Fashionable coat 2019-2020 models, shown on the catwalks by many fashion designers, are created with double-breasted clasps that will become a hit of outerwear in everyday life. Double-breasted coats with shades of purple, olive, emerald, chocolate, coffee that come to the fore, while maintaining the relevance and black-and-white-gray gamut on double-breasted coat will become fashionable. The prints of trendy double-breasted coats in the form of a cage, animalism, floristics, and abstraction will also delight. You can wear a double-breasted coat to the office for walks and dates.

Bolognese coats

With the onset of the autumn-winter season, there is a particularly lack of warmth and comfort, and then fashionable bolonev coats will come to the aid of all fashionistas, which is so wonderful in their decision. Practicality, comfort and style of the Bolonev coats will not leave anyone indifferent. Excellent models of fashionable bolognese coats for ladies of different ages, what is their huge plus. Bright or calm shades of bolonevye coats allow you to create images in your style.

Red coat

Do you want to be always bright and in the center of attention despite the bad weather and cold outside? Bright coats, such as trendy red coats that are so interesting and charming in the season 2019-2020, can become your best choice. Amazing coats in red are charming with blue jeans, flared trousers, and mini dresses in tandem with high jack boots, which will make it possible to realize the image of a fatal beauty.

White coats

An irresistible image with a coat you get if you forget about practicality and choose a white coat. The impeccability of the image with a white coat is guaranteed. Many couturiers included precisely coat models in white color in their collections, demonstrating concise, unassuming and sophisticated sets with a white coat for the cold season 2019-2020. Fashionable coats are beautiful with dresses, if you prefer a flared down coat. Spectacular trendy coats in white with black total look that looks great.

TOP-11 styles of the coat 2019-2020: fashion trends and coat trends are shown in the photo below



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